Manchester Vegan and Wellbeing Centre

Can you believe it! Being ill can inspire! The Vegan Centre has been born from NEED! Square Circle Theatre and 3MT don’t pretend to listen. We do and we act on it! Will you act on it with us. Click on the link and read all about it. If we can encourage 299 people to…

Christmas at 3MT – A PANTO

Idle Jack can’t wait to see you all having fun
at 3MT! 17 to 21 December!

Before I die. I seek the truth!

Are your genes killing you? Research hypothesis: Before I die, I seek the truth. ¬†Why am I doing this? I never understood why my mother and daughter have behaved the way they have. I never understood why the family was so fractious and violent. I never understood why aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews died so…