No way will we go away…

I was first introduced to ‘how can we get women over 50 into work’ last year. I couldn’t stay at the meeting any longer than I needed to. I see working age men and women, healthy and able to work under 50 every day. Why are they not being considered for such a project?

It feels like ‘women of a certain age’ over 50 and 60 are being targeted. Are they an easy target?


Government objective:

Move women’s pension age so we can keep them working longer once we’ve got them into work over 50.

Make them sign on and complete activities relating to job searches.

Ignore employers’ demand for younger employees; make them aware of sexism being illegal in the workplace and put pressure on them to employ women over 50 and 60.

50% of women over 50 have one or more invisible and visible disabilities.

Ageism is rife. I can hear the businesses laughing when they read government agencies lip service actively quoted in the media.

It isn’t difficult to work out what government were planning. First steel women’s contributions and move their pension collection age to 66, the same as men’s. It will be clear that we are making every effort to consider equality between men and women; they could have brought the mens’ age down to 63. Anyway, Shifting the pension age from 60 to 66 is actually to cover up their fraud.

Then measures were put in place to encourage (a polite word for make) women back into work following bringing up a family. BUT! We all know a woman’s life in the home continues. They look after grandchildren for FREE. They support elderly parents care for FREE. They continue to look after the home, not because they want to necessarily, but because they know that if they don’t do it, it won’t get done! Sorry about the strong opinion there.

They didn’t count on women of a certain age complaining. It’s not what women do. They love caring and sharing. They don’t mind having nothing. It’s the nature of women…

‘Sexism and disability’ are proving a problem for the government and its agencies. Nothing new there then. The employer decides who she or he uses in the workplace. 

No mention of the rising diagnoses in older women with ASC – autism spectrum conditions. I can mention one family in absolute chaos and misery because of the lack of support women with autism have received. But that’s another blog I’ll get to pretty soon.

The fight will continue. A movement is growing. It’s most definitely ‘not going to go away’. 50s women are too stoic in nature. Ask William Shakespeare for an explanation on that one. Maybe Manchester Shakespeare Company.

lizzie charter final a6 leaflet (2)

There’s a meeting: 2nd August. Manchester Methodist Central Buildings. Oldham Street. women, women women and women Let’s meet up after the consultation. 5.00 pm Albert Square.

And there’s a play respondiing to the ridiculous demands on #50swomen right now. They weren’t asked; informed or considered when the decision to stop their pension for 6 years was made by the government. The band of thieves:

The play premieres at Three Minute Theatre (3MT) funnily enough, directly across the road from the Methodist Hall, Oldham Street, Manchester. 3MT is at the end of Afflecks Arcade which you can see when you get to the bottom of the steps at the Methodist Central Buildings.

‘ See you on the 2nd August all. Can’t wait’.

There is a crowdfunder to help with funds to support the play to tour. The play is determined to be a part of the campaign to fight for women to regain their pension at 60. What else is important is to bring all women and men of all ages into this campaign and debate. They will be affected when it comes to retirement in the way the 50s women are right now. The 50s women were promised when they started work at 15 that they will collect their pension at 60. The campaigners are the groups above meeting at the Methodist Central Buildings.

No way will we go away…



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